Karen McDonald  



Yi Jing, known in the Western world as I Ching, is a science-based reading that decodes one's personal numerological matrix. These readings are based on ancient and traditional knowledge that comes from the oldest known written record from over 4000 years ago.

An I Ching consultation gives recommendations to individuals, families and businesses, offering them opportunities for changes and synchronization of life patterns to manifest their fullest potential. The information can empower individuals to find a balanced life related to prosperity, health, career and relationships.

The practice of this sacred knowledge is available through a limited number of consultants worldwide who are trained in the 26th generation Longmen (Dragon Gate) Yi Jing lineage under Wudang Taoist priest Yun Xiang Tseng (Master Chen) www.wudangtao.com. There are only twenty one such consultants in the Western world!

Karen needs only your birth date to begin your I Ching chart analysis.

Contact Karen today - karen@daoiching.com or (315) 459-1453